Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Overdue Renovation Check-in

I am so overdue for a renovation check-in! Last time I provided an update, this is what things looked like (just over a month ago!). Oy! In the last few weeks, we've gotten our beautiful new dry wall up, trim, and the electrical work was finished. I'll spare you pictures of this, but our horrible "third bathroom" in the basement with the scary toilet was also capped off, and now I feel a lot less afraid to go down there and do the laundry.

In the entryway, our tile went down and our new hall closet got finished. The door is still missing in this picture, but it's there now in all it's unpainted glory :) Also, last weekend while we still had our dumpster in the driveway, I decided to take out the horrible green carpet on our stairway (which you can see here). I want to paint them black and white and add a runner - that's on my long to-do list.

I'm sharing the horrid pictures above for posterity's sake. Since we moved in at the end of August, we've been using the back porch room as our living room/storage area because the living room was out of commission. Shield your eyes from the painful paneling and top of the line cooling unit built into the wall. While I'm thrilled that we had a space to set up our couch and TV while this work was being done, I am extremely happy that those days are behind us (and that the room is now freed up so that we can prime and paint that atrocious paneling!).

Over the weekend, we painted like mad in the living room so that we could finally move in. I still have lots of setting up and arranging to do, but I couldn't resist sharing this little sneak peek of the new space.

Yay!!! This cute little lamp is one of the first things I dragged out of storage to set up in the space. I was so happy to receive it right before our move, courtesy of, and have been waiting (very impatiently) to see it in its new home every since. So pretty, right?

I can't wait to show you guys the rest!

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh! It's so fun to watch as things begin to come together. Well done, you!!! Can't wait for more pics

  2. Julie, this all looks so great! Such awesome progress. And I totally love that lamp :)

  3. What a transformation!!!! I love the new trim and flooring in the living room--I can't wait to see it all set up.

  4. Cannot wait to see the big picture! Rennovations are such a pain, but can be so worth it in the end. Love that lamp...very cute!

  5. Thanks so much, all! YAY for things looking slightly less crazy (and for adorable new lamps!).

  6. Wow, what dramatic progress! I like that the lamp is a combination of traditional and modern! Can't wait to see future pictures!


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