Friday, January 17, 2014

A Little Ice Age

I'm reading Adam Gopnik's Winter in an attempt to overcome my distaste for the season we're smack in the middle of. It's kind of working? It's certainly a beautiful meditation on the many pleasures (and challenges) that winter can bring. This week we experienced a bit of a thaw, and I find myself thinking, I can totally do this! But alas, more snow is on the way; if not this weekend, then surely sometime soon.

The photos above are from Wilson "Snowflake" Bentley's stunning photography collection. He was obsessed with capturing images of snowflakes, but one thing Gopnik notes is that these snowflakes are certainly not the norm. Most aren't symmetrical, or have pretty boring shapes. They may be unique, but that alone doesn't make them noteworthy (sort of like people, no?).

One other interesting tidbit - did you know there was a Little Ice Age between about 1550-1850 where the Northern Hemisphere was significantly colder than it was before and after? I did not! It was during that time period that lots of snowy, grey paintings were created in Europe. This is a stunning little collection you can click through, if you're interested!

Do you have fun plans for the weekend? We've been giving our upstairs bathroom a bit of a makeover in the last few weeks, and I hope we'll be able to buy a new vanity this weekend! Aaand hopefully we won't be too tired for some kind of date tonight (I want to see Frozen, Her, and Wolf of Wall Street - anybody have any recs?).

Happy Friday to all!

P.S. The essays in Winter were originally broadcast on the CBC - you can listen to part 1 here


  1. This might make me sound very wet blanket-y, but I definitely *don't* recommend Wolf of Wall Street. We watched it last weekend, and for the whole almost three hours (!) I alternated between icked out and bored. But that's just one gal's opinion :) Whatever you do, I hope it's a lovely cozy weekend! xo

  2. I read Winter a couple of years ago and loved it. Definite encouragement for surviving a Northeastern winter.

    I haven't seen any of your want-to-see films, though I think Frozen looks great. We loved Saving Mr. Banks.

  3. Thank you, ladies!

    I think three hour movies are arrogant (it had better be the BESTEST movie ever if it's that long!). Good to know that that one doesn't measure up! And YES to Mr. Banks - that's been on my list, too! So glad you guys enjoyed it.


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