Friday, January 24, 2014

Last hurrah in the Berkshires (for now!)

My parents condo in the Berkshires recently sold, and we're all going up this weekend to help pack everything up. Of course, I'm thrilled for my parents - this is exactly what you want to have happen when you put something on the market! - but it's bittersweet, nonetheless. That space has been such a haven for Peter and me, and I'll miss it.

My parents bought it about a week after I left for college, and it's been a steady presence during my entire young adult life. I spent a somewhat lonely summer alone there interning after I returned from studying abroad in Italy, but I really fell in love with the area during that extended stay. One year later, I was able to bring Peter to the Berkshires over Labor Day weekend. We've spent dozens of afternoons skiing at Butternut and on the lawn at Tanglewood, and many hours eating cheese and drinking wine in the living room. We've celebrated birthdays, hosted friends, and one morning in July, upstairs in my crazy pink bedroom, I got ready for our wedding.

This weekend will be filled with packing and purging, but it will also be a lovely last hurrah (for now!) since we're all going to Rouge tomorrow night for a fun dinner. And we might even get to tag along with my parents on a little bit of house hunting!

Happy Friday to all!

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