Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Down to the Studs

Our house is looking really crazy these days. We're 2 1/2 weeks into the renovation, and it's basically on schedule so far (I am furiously knocking on wood now that I've typed that!). 

The kitchen and dining room had the carpeting and flooring removed, and were taken down the studs so that the ceilings could reveal what was causing our upstairs to sag. It turns out that there wasn't a load bearing wall for that entire half of the house, which was, of course, causing the drop. Three big beams were added to the ceiling, and now the floor on the second level is flatter and the house is a lot more secure. It was a sad discovery, though. We were kind of hoping that the cause was just old age and there wouldn't be anything we could do about it :)

The electrician has come to set up all the new outlets and lights in the kitchen, a gas line was added for a new stove (I am so excited to go back to gas! Cooking with electric is kind of terrible), the stack pipe, which used to be in the middle of our kitchen counter (!), was moved further back into the wall, and the wall between the dining room and kitchen was opened up. So much progress! By early next week, we should have the new plaster up on the walls and ceiling.

Here are some things keeping Peter up at night:

  • Installing a new engineered hardwood floor throughout the first floor with me, his soon-to-be 33 weeks pregnant wife 
  • Installing the new sink, super heavy counter top, and faucet to the bathroom upstairs 
  • Keeping my somewhat grandiose time frame of when everything could/should be done in check
I would be kept awake by these things, too, if only I wasn't so tired each night when my head hit the pillow. Last night I did have a dream about taking down paneling and peeling wallpaper, though, so the renovation is successfully haunting me in my sleep. 


  1. Did you work with a designer for your kitchen redo? I'm really curious to hear more about the contractor/renovation process. Please share at some point if you have time! I'd love to hear your perspective.

    1. We played around a lot with the Ikea kitchen designer software because that seemed to be the most intuitive to try out TONS of different lay-outs and designs. That took a few months of fiddling around. Once we had it basically figured out, we went to Home Depot and order Martha Stewart cabinets, and they built our design in their system!

      It's a big renovation (for us), but since we weren't looking for anything fancy in terms of bells and whistles, we felt comfortable doing most of the planning ourselves, with lots of advice from our contractor (who specializes in kitchens, though we've used him in our whole house) and the Home Depot kitchen designer.

  2. I believe you’re taking your renovations seriously ‘cause you work on the projects even when you’re asleep! Haha! Kidding aside, it’s nice to know that you’re satisfied with the progress of your home redo. I hope you’ll meticulously install your sink. Mistakes in plumbing can cause water damages on your home, which can mean additional expenses for your family. Well, keep up the good work in the renovations! Congratulations on your wife’s pregnancy, by the way! :)

    Sheryl August


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