Friday, April 25, 2014

This is love

"When Dr. Meescham was alive and I could not sleep, do you know what he would do for me? This man would go into the kitchen and he would fix for me sardines on crackers. You know sardines?"

Ulysses shook his head.

"Little fishes in a can. He would put these little fishes onto crackers for me, and then I would hear him coming back down the hallway, carrying the sardines and humming, returning to me." Dr. Meescham sighed. "Such tenderness. To have someone get out of bed and bring you little fishes and sit with you as you eat them in the dark of night. To hum to you. This is love." 
- Flora and Ulysses 

These are just a few pictures from a little day trip Peter and I took to Rockport on Monday, which happened to be the anniversary of when we met eight years ago. I'm finishing up the wonderful Flora and Ulysses, and loved this excerpt on the love between the Drs Meescham. Such tenderness, indeed.

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  1. Sardines on crackers sounds actually really gross (HA), but the thoughtfulness behind the gesture is incredibly sweet.

    Happy anniversary of meeting your man! Hope it was a special day :)


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