Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Old Manse

Saturday was a beautiful day, so we headed up to Concord to check out the Old Manse and the surrounding grounds. This had been on my to-visit list for a while, so it was a nice surprise that they were having an open house that afternoon!

The trails and gardens behind the house are stunning. Everything is in bloom right now! And, an important battle happened on that little bridge. (I think it looks way too small for an important battle, right? Peter assures me it occurred there.)

Afterwards we went into the town center to hit up the Cheese Shop and a few other favorite spots. Lizzy was snoozing in her Ergo, so we took our chances and ordered a drink and some snacks on the front porch of the Colonial Inn. As soon as our drinks arrived, she started crying a bit (how do they always KNOW?!), but Peter walked her around for a few minutes and she settled right down, and we were able to toast to successful little adventures!


  1. Looks gorgeous! And what a beautiful day.

    Do you like the Ergo? I'm thinking of investing in one for Baby #2.

    1. Only Peter's used it so far, but we've taken it a handful of places already. He says it's super comfortable, and Lizzy loves it - she basically sleeps the whole time she's in it :) We got the newborn insert so we could use it right away.


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