Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kitchen Island Color Help

After months of hunting, we're picking up a used version of this island that I found on Craigslist. It was originally black, and the owner painted it white, but didn't do a great job, so it's going to need a bit of TLC. Since it will need to be repainted anyways, I've been thinking about different color options. Here are my thoughts:

1, 2, 3, 4

Red could be fun - our front door is red, and I love the idea of bringing this color into our house a bit. However, I also have lots of pink in my living room, dining room, and porch (basically, every other room on the first floor), so I'm not sure if this is the best choice. 

Green is on the walls in my entryway and half bath, and I have a cute new chair in my living room that's green and white, so it would be fun to incorporate a bit more of this color into another room. 

Navy is an interesting option, too. A lot of my house is light in color, and it might be nice to have something a bit darker in the mix. The walls are pale blue, and I always like when rooms have layers of the same color in different intensities. (This sounds like I really know what I'm talking about, but let me assure you that I do not!)

And finally...good old white. I have paint that matches our cabinets exactly. That's definitely the path of least resistance! 

Thought?! I clearly need help deciding!


  1. I think red would look great with the stainless steel if you are feeling bold (and your tea pot)! I love, love, love the idea of a dark navy because I feel like it is so unexpected, but at the same time I wonder how well it would translate--with the stainless appliances it may feel too dark? I love green, and white is always perfect--so really whatever you choose will be great!

  2. We debated doing our island in a color different from our cabinets, but ended up just matching everything (cabinets and island are white). I love the way it turned out - very fresh and bright. I can definitely see the appeal of using an accent color, though!

  3. I always go for white, but I love the red! Is there pink in your ? If not then I think you'd be okay! I do get your hesitation though. I also really love the navy! It'd be such a fun contrast to your white kitchen. Hope you'll share what you choose :)

  4. I say go for navy or red! You can't go wrong. Navy will be a provide an awesome contrast to your white cabinets and the red + pink combo is playful & fun--I feel like it's the type of trick a professional designer would use that no one else feels like they can pull off. But you can!


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