Friday, January 16, 2009

Grace in small things: 1

1. A yummy Thai dinner with a lovely friend. And her mom. And your boyfriend.

2. Spring cherry tea on these freezing cold brr days. Or rather, anything with the word "spring" on these freezing cold brr days.

Photo from Design Sponge

3. Mailing hershey kisses to a friend who could really use some hershey kisses.

4. Gin & tonic -- an elimation diet's best friend.

5. Making lunch for Peter and me this morning with braised fennel, mushrooms, and penne. (I know it's odd to make this in the morning. I know. But when the thought of eating another dressing-less salad makes you want to throw your knife across the kitchen, it seems a little less odd.)

*I'm going to play Grace in Small Things!

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