Thursday, January 29, 2009


We have a little Greek restaurant not half a block away from our house in Park Slope. We've talked about going before, but we were a little scared because it's always empty.

Well, last night when I was making a carrot and parsnip soup for our lunches and spilled curry powder all over the stove and floor, the emptiness of Helios seemed a little less daunting and a lot more appealing.

It's a very cute place, with lots of white twinkle lights all over. But, as we suspected, it was totally deserted. Even though we were the only people there, it still took our waiter a good five minutes to come up and bring us menus and water. To be fair, he seemed to be busy with their fairly robust amount of take out orders.

As an aside, take out generally doesn't make much sense to me. For me, a huge part of the fun of eating food from a restaurant is actually being out of my house at that restaurant. If I wanted to eat yummy food at home, I would make it!

Anyways. Peter had read that they had good burgers, so we both got that (allergies be darned!). I had a blue cheese burger with crispy fried onions, and Peter had a traditional burger. They came with really yummy, crispy fries covered in oregano. I've never had this before, but I want to add it to the fries at home now. Delicious.

Peter is always ordering rare meat at restaurants, and it rarely (ha!) gets served that way. Well, Helios definitely knows how to make a rare burger. I was worried it was a little too pink, but he seems to be fine.

Though it was a little strange to be the only people there, I'm so glad we went. They make a great burger, delicious fries, and the location can't be beat for us. A great addition to our rotation, even if it took me spilling curry powder all over the kitchen to make me want to try it.

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