Thursday, January 29, 2009

Grace in small things: 2

1. Oatmeal. Well, I'm trying to like oatmeal. I have certified gluten-free oats at home, and this morning I ate it with blueberries, syrup, and cinnamon, and vanilla sugar. It wasn't terrible. I'm hoping it will grow on me. Breakfast is the most challenging meal for me when I'm trying to be careful about eating allergy-free.

2. Giant boxes of clemintines. I eat at least two of these ever single day.

Photo courtesy of ms. Tea

3. Fun dinner reservations in the Berkshires on Saturday night. We'll go here. Or here. Maybe here.

4. Soup for lunch. I made carrot and parsnip soup last night with a little curry powder, salt, and pepper. So good!

5. Trader Joe's lemon sorbet. Peter thinks he doesn't like lemon desserts, but I'm slowly getting him to warm up to them with this stuff. Does that sound selfish? I know, right? I've been working for years to get him to like all the things I like. I've already gotten him over the I-don't-like-nuts-in-dessert hurtle. I was very proud of that one.

*I'm playing grace in small things!

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