Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy heart day gift guide

I always think it's fun to give grown up toys as part of presents for holidays and birthdays. (And no, I'm not talking about that kind of grown up toy...). Getting clothes and watches and gift cards is great, but the best presents are always fun things that you would never buy for yourself. Here are a few of my absolute favorite food presents to give (and receive!).
  • Citrus limon ‘Meyer’ tree. These heirloom dwarf lemon trees are the hardiest for cool temperatures and makes great potted plants. The fruit is more flavorful than store bought lemons and it bears heavily at a young age. $10.95.
  • New England Cheese Making Supply Company. This site sells all kinds of home cheese making kits, but my favorite is the basic hard cheese kit. With it, you can make cheddar, gouda, monterey jack, feta, cottage cheese, colby, parmesan and ricotta. Basic kits range from $15-$30.

  • Nudo: Adopt an olive tree. Adopt one of Nudo's trees for a year and you'll receive all the produce from your tree. This adorable company even sends you an adoption certificate. In the spring and autumn, you receive packages with olive oil pressed from your tree. They even encourage you to go to the grove to visit your tree in Italy! Price in British pounds, roughly $135.
Wouldn't these be fun surprises for Valentines Day?! I think so.

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