Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To eat delicious things

Last weekend we went to Blue Hill at Stone Barn for a fantastic anniversary celebration. I keep meaning to write about it so I don't forget all the lovely things we ate, so here goes.

I told them a little bit about my allergies and what to avoid (there isn't a menu, so it's hard to know exactly what you'll be served) and they were super accomodating. I think Peter was a little nervous he'd be given a more limited menu because I was, so he was sure to tell the server that he was super adventurous and just wanted "to eat delicious things."

Cute sheep! I have a thing for barnyard animals. Even bald ones.

They brought over some parnsip soup to start off. It was so light and creamy -- much less bitter than parsnip soup I make at home. My first course was a salad with lots of little micro greens and the most amazing sorrel mushrooms mixed in. There was a creamy green herb dressing smeared at the bottom of the plate that had lots of fresh mint. Mental note to self: cook more with fresh mint.

Then we both got a white fish in a light green herb broth. It tasted super buttery and creamy, but it was fairly small, so not at all overwhelming. The next thing I got was an amazing beef dish. So tender and perfectly pink. Peter had lamb something that he liked a lot (see our lamby friends above).

Then we decided to get cheese. There were two types of cheddar and two types of blue cheeses, served with honey and that amazing pickled celery I mentioned last week. I can still imagine the taste of it perfectly.

For dessert, Peter got an amazing looking coffee brownie with ice cream, and I got a pineapple and sorbet combination. I usually hate fruit desserts. They seem fake to me (hello -- fruit is a breakfast food), but these pineapples were spiced with cinnamon and some other yummy things I couldn't identify. But it was very, very good. (Though I must say, how local are pineapples in April, Dan Barber?)

All in all, it was probably the best celebration spot we've ever been to. Fantastic from start to finish.

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