Monday, September 28, 2009

Wine Tasting

Peter and I invited our families to Tanglewood over Labor Day weekend to see John and Bucky Pizzarelli at the Jazz Festival. We had so much yummy food -- Pam's famous potato salad with lots and lots of dill, very rare steaks, and Peter's favorite-of-all-time ameretti cookies from a bakery in Litchfield, CT.

Peter's dad Pete owns a lovely wine shop called The Bridge in New Milford, CT (You should visit!), and he nicely led a little wine tasting at our picnic. It was so fun. Pete always gives amazing recommendations, and he gets a special satisfaction out of finding really great bottles that are also really cheap. Below is a list from the Italian tasting we had that afternoon, with Pete's helpful descriptions:
  • Saladini Falerio: clean, dry crisp wine made from a blend of three rather obscure white Italian varieties from the Marche region. $6.99 per bottle.
  • Amerini Falerio: 100% Sangiovese from Umbria. More "Old World" in style. $5.99 per bottle.
  • La Cacciatora Sangiovese: 100% Sangiovese from Publia. Bright red berries on the front of the palate, more "New World" in style. $7.99 per bottle.
  • Priore Campotino Montepulciano: 100% montepulciano from Abruzzo. More weight than the other two Sangiovese's above, best food wine of the three reds. $9.99 per bottle.
Aren't those prices amazing?! You will love them, I just know it.

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