Friday, September 25, 2009


I'm afraid to throw a party. Not dinner parties, of course, but PARTY parties.

The first fear is, obviously, that no one will come. I will put up awesome decorations, and make themed cupcakes, and stock up on Two Buck Chuck. And then no one will show up. Peter and I will end up playing speed scrabble* until 9:45 PM when I put myself to bed.

My second fear is that everyone will come. They will drink and eat a lot, and until I run out of absolutely everything. They won't fit in the apartment and the baby that lives upstairs will scream and cry until everyone goes home. At 4:30 in the morning.

I'm not the only person with these fears, right? Please say no...

Anyways, this was a long way of saying that I saw these adorable party ideas on Williams Sonoma this morning, and now I am desperate to have an Oktoberfest party or a Halloween Open House.

But would anyone come?! Would they ever leave?!

*You play speed scrabble, right?!? Really fun. It would almost make you forget that no one came to your party.


  1. I will come to your party sweet basil. So, the question is... Christmas party in Philadelphia or NYC?!

  2. OOOHHH!!! Christmas party in NYC would be FUN!!! I've already started thinking about where I want to put all my fun decorations once it's time to say goodbye to these gourds...

  3. Julie, how have I never known that you have a BLOG?! I, too, would come to a fun Christmas party!!

    And, because I am obsessed with decorations, I, too, have some pumpkins and think they are far superior to annoying spider web stuff!

  4. Sam, why am I not surprised in the least that you have your autumn decorations up, too...

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