Friday, December 18, 2009

At the same time, no less

I had tea yesterday afternoon with a sweet friend.  We chatted about all the usual stuff, like holiday plans and parties, the guys in our lives, and work. 

I always find this friend to be so wonderful when it comes to work discussions. (Aside: I've read quite a few articles that say women need certain kinds of friends to fill very specific roles as they get older -- the one good at career advice, the good listener, the tough-love giver, and so on.  Do you think that's true?  I think I do...). 

Anyways!  She is lovely to talk to about work.  I find I'm always thinking about the next step, the next big thing I want to try.  I like to constantly explore new options and do research.  I'm always telling Peter about my (awesome!) ideas to start a little business so that I can work from home (never mind that I have no idea what that little business would be), or leaving our jobs in NYC to travel for a year after our wedding, or buying a house in Portland. 

This friend is so great because she thinks exactly the same way.  It's so comforting to hear that she has these same thoughts and half-baked ideas.  When she says, "I want to run X foundation, and become a professor, and move to North Carolina," I say, "YES!"  Because I don't want those exact things, but I totally understand how she could -- and at the same time, no less.

I think I often baffle Peter with how much my ideas float and scatter about, but I think that's because he takes the things I say so seriously.  Which is lovely in it's own way.  But it's also great to have someone just say, "That is so smart!  You should do that!" and know that they will certainly not hold you to it, or be alarmed in the least if you just ship with your formerly brilliant plan. 

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