Monday, December 21, 2009

No big deal

My sister is back from her semester in Italy.  These are a few photos from her "Europe in a Nutshell" album.  She got all the photography genes, clearly. 

The top one is of the pretty Christmas lights in Florence, then Interlaken, Switzerland.  I'll leave you to your own devices to ponder the last two. 

By the way (btw?), if you want to be cool, all the kids are saying NBD. No big deal.  Says my little sister.  Just FYI.  (Oh, I know, I'm so funny -- acronym jokes never get old!)


  1. Tell your sister her photos are beautiful! I'm going to have to teach my brother some photography skills before he moves to London in January. Then it will be my turn to be jealous of my younger sibling.

  2. Thanks, Emily! She LOVES getting compliments, so I'll be sure to pass it along.

    And London! So exciting. And yes, jealousy-inducing.

  3. I am ready for the party update... because it was A BIG DEAL! ABD :)

    Beautiful photos Sarah! Love love love them!


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