Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gift Guide: For Your Dad Who Can Give You Perfect Directions No Matter Where You Are

(Clockwise from the top left. Mostly under $50!)

1. A to Z Pinot Noir: fantastic light red wine, just a touch more expensive than the bottles he buys himself.
2. Snow shoes: to keep him active during the cold months.
3. Meyer lemon tree: so he can always have a slice for his water glass.
4. Wicked good moccassins: the perfect slipper. Seriously, wicked good.
5. Art of Shaving creme: to make the daily chore a little nicer.
6. Executive memo set: because his chicken scratch hand-writing needs all the help it can get.
7. Red bird feeder: to further confirm your suspition that he is, in fact, getting old -- he loves watching the birds eat every morning.
8. With a Song in My Heart, by John Pizzarelli: for when he gets tired of listening to your Mom's Michael Buble CD.
9. How Soccer Changed the World, by Franklin Foer: a really interesting look at sports and their connection to globalization. Has "Dad book" written all over it.
10. Golf club pull cart: because you know how much it pains him to spend $20 renting the golf cart every time.


  1. Thanks for the good luck! :) I think it really may have helped. And thank you also for posting these fantastic gift idea posts - personally,I'm finding them very useful!
    I'm wondering if you'll do one on what you'd like? Given your wonderful taste, I'm sure the rest of us readers would love to see!

  2. You are very welcome! Law students going through exams need all extra luck they can get.

    And, I am going to post my wish list later today, so stay tuned!


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