Friday, December 11, 2009

Giving, and staying in

I was going to share one last gift guide today, focusing on giving this holiday season to worthy causes that hold a special place in my heart.  But the problem with me compiling that list is that it will include all the organizations that are near and dear to me -- not to you.  And I feel so confident that you already know who you would want to share an extra $20 with this season, if you are able to. 

So let's just move on, and chat about the weekend for a second.  I am so excited because we are just staying home, and have no plans to speak of.  Well, no plans with other people.  I'm going to:

1. Make cranberry-lime syrup to use in fun drinks for our party.
2. Finish writing my Christmas cards.
3. Attempt to make a gingerbread house from scratch.  Is this hard?  Let's watch Queer Eye Carson and Martha make one!  That will surely make it less intimidating.
4. Wrap up all the presents I've gathered so far, and try to fill in some remaining gaps. 
5. See Up in the Air or Christmas Carol.  Suggestions?!
6. Start reading Personal History by Katharine Graham for the next book club meeting.  I love book club so! 

That's probably more than enough for 36 hours.  Let's hear it for stay-at-home weekends!


  1. My suggestion for item no. 5: Go see Christmas Carol! I laughed, I cried...and I kept my 3D glasses. They aren't handing out the flimsy paper ones like they did when we were youngsters. I hear that Up in the Air is good, but its Christmas. Go see the classic!

  2. Thanks, my dear! I am definitely leaning that way. And I love the new 3D glasses! Much improved from our childhoods. Much.


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