Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Continue showing off

Everyday, Butternut sends a photographer out on to the slopes to capture a photo of the day.  Whenever I see the camera guy, I ski right in front of him multiple times so he can get a good shot.  I try to keep my skis parallel, and gracefully hold my fuzzy hood on my head to keep it from flying off in an unattractive fashion. 

Honestly, it's quite exhausting.

When we get home from a weekend of skiing, I can't help myself.  I always check the daily photo page.   

(Do you see where this is going?)

Butternut, why haven't I been in the daily photo gallery yet?!  I try to monitor my camera hog tendencies, but I'm afraid I will have to continue showing off until I make the gallery. 

*Photo from the highly-coveted daily gallery


  1. Can't believe you're meeting with a florist this week, too! I hope you let us in on your final flower decision! :)
    And I bet that photographer isn't posting pics of you because he doesn't want to intimidate everyone else with photos of your perfectly parallel skis. That's the only rational explanation!

  2. Ha! That is a great explanation. One I will have to tell myself next time I am absent from the photo gallery (yet again...).


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