Friday, January 15, 2010

Pin wheel squares

I have been a sewing machine this week.  Look at this progress.

I have four pin wheel sqaures just like that one, ready to be sewed together into a giant square. Then the mysterious quilting process shall begin!

Let's get a quiet "whoot!" for the weekend.  It's been a long week, right?  We're going up to the Berkshires and Peter and I are skiing with my little cousins Allie and Matt on Saturday. 

Total aside about Allie: she is going to be a flower girl in our wedding, and she is so freaking excited. She got an American Girl doll for Christmas that she named Julie.  Julie the doll has a dirty blonde bob and brown eyes.  Familiar, no? 

I have reached the height of my fame.


  1. an american girl doll named julie.. classic. i can't wait to meet this famous little flower girl.

  2. You will love her -- such a funny sweet kid!


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