Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kitchen Cure

I signed up for the Kitchen Cure Spring 2010.

I signed up last year, too, but I was in such a fragile state with my kitchen and food in general that I really couldn't go through with it.  Now, I'm better -- feeling better, cooking better, all of that good stuff.

I'm sad to say though, that the kitchen is not better.  It's still holding spices that we bought when we lived in DC, and baking mixes I'll never make now.  It's time to purge and organize and really embrace this new approach that is so much healthier for me.

The first step in the cure is to photograph your kitchen with the doors to your fridge and cabinets open (admitting you have a problem and all that...).

It officially kicks on February 26, and you can sign up here.  Who's with me?!


  1. My kitchen went through a major purge/reorganization when we moved. It was so refreshing! And now I'm much more inclined to fill our fridge and cupboards with healthy options. Good luck!

  2. Thanks, Emily! Moving is such a great motivator for a major purge. I'm excited to get back to that fresh and clean state!

  3. GOOD LUCK!!!! I am surprised by you keeping those things... I mean... kind of not like you! I think I purge more than you in the kitchen... I actually just cleaned our fridge this afternoon!

  4. I know, BBL, I'm usually really good at throwing stuff out...but I have trouble with food products. It feels so wasteful! But the time has come...

    Congrats on your own kitchen cleaning!

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