Friday, February 26, 2010

Wedding bands + weekend plans

We ordered our wedding bands on Valentine's Day (ohmygoshIknow), and I got a call earlier this week that they've arrived!  They look just like the photo above, with Peter in a slightly wider band than mine.

Now we just have to decide what the engraving will say!

This weekend we are leaving slushy NYC and going to the Berkshires.  Tomorrow we have our tasting with our caterer, and then at night I have a special birthday dinner planned for my Mom!  I'll have to tell you about the amazing cake I made for it next week.

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. that is beautiful julie b and will look lovely next to your beautiful diamond!

    have a wonderful weekend!!!!

  2. wedding bands, how exciting! that means the big day is rapidly approaching!

    enjoy the weekend at home. you know, the very best people are born in late february (ahem).

  3. Beautiful!

    My ring is engraved with "sugarpop" which is what my husband calls me when he's being sweet. =)

  4. i suggest, JB + PT forever OR JB+PT = love for your ring engraving.

  5. Thanks, BBL and Ashley! Ashley, I hope you had a fabulous birthday weekend.

    Janet, that is adorable! I love the idea of something very personal and sweet as an engraving.

    And Kate, maybe we should go with JB + PT 4Eva? Really capitalize on the 8th grade aspect of our love.


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