Monday, March 1, 2010

What's on your nightstand, Katie?

My wonderful friend Katie is next up in our series. She has excellent taste in books and is always saying, very seriously, "Oh, Julie, you will love this."  And then she's right!  

She writes titles in all capital letters because she is a publishing goddess/insider.   
I'm reading the beautifully written A MOUNTAIN OF CRUMBS by Elena Gorokhova.  It is the Russian version of ANGELA'S ASHES. dear Frank McCourt, I miss you.
AND also, I have the Fodor's Travel Guide to Peru on my nightstand!!! 
Thank you so much, Katie!  I always love to hear about what you're reading.  

I know you are just itching to tell me what's on your nightstand right me at AT!


  1. Just finished Mountain of Crumbs, and I loved it! Having read nothing from Russian literature,(does watching Dr.Zhivago count?),it was insightful to visualize growing up in communist Russia. I adore tender childhood stories filled with strong women characters.
    thanks, Katie's mom

  2. Now I really need to get a copy of Mountain of Crumbs. The recommendation from two Kurtzman women is just too strong to ignore!


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