Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sweet and pretty

My mom put together a box of my Grandmother's China for me last week.  I've always loved these dishes.  

So sweet and pretty.  And perfect for the Valentine's Day dinner I'm planning -- lobster and home made chocolate truffles!


  1. Lovely dishes! And Valentine's dinner sounds so yummy. We might have to postpone our plans because we'll probably be amid boxes in the 14th! Moving in 9 days :)

  2. YUM!! I love lobster!! Sounds delicious!!

  3. Emily, even late, I bet your Valentine's Day dinner will be top notch. I'm excited to hear what you make!

    Thanks, Sam! I'm so excited for that little lobster.

  4. truffles! YUMMY! you are going to be such a wonderful wife! :)

  5. BBL, truffles are super easy, you guys would love them! Just melted chocolate and cream!


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