Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine's Day gift guide for her

These are slightly more expensive than the male gift guide items.  Funny how that happens!

(Clockwise from top left.)

1. Longchamp nylon handbag
2. Pinecone Hill chunky knit pink throw
3. The Vintage Pearl dainty initials heart necklace
4. Anthropologie convertable bra
5. Sublime Stitching Bon Voyage embroidery pattern
6. Little Red Riding Hood mug


  1. These are great ideas once again, Julie!

    P.S. Doesn't little red riding hood look a little more round and robust than usual on that mug? Or maybe it's just my computer... haha!

  2. I have the black version of the Longchamp bag, bought in in Paris last summer and I love it! The only way I could possibly love it more is if Mr. Curieuse had bought it for me. Any men getting a peak at this post should take immediate note.
    Fabulous taste, as always!

  3. Sam, Little Red IS looking a bit portly. Too many hot chocolates from her cute mug!

    Aren't Longchamp bags the best?! I've had one for years and it still looks good. But I'm ready for an update!


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