Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Making plans

Everyone, please say hello to Peter's new girlfriend.  

She's about four feet tall and super heavy.  Loves to wear fuzzy hats.  

He took out for a spin on Sunday afternoon, and even let me play with her (modern couple that we are!).    But he had so much fun on Sunday, he's already making plans to see her again on Wednesday and Friday.  Without me.  

I can't believe golf season crept up so fast!  I wonder if we'll be able to ski again.*

*Note: I am not at all complaining about this splendid week, weather gods!  


  1. ya know... peters girlfriend might love some Lilly Pulitzer golf apparel (ie: lilly golf club covers)..actually I am pretty certain she would love that.

  2. I still need to get the actual Peter in his awesome Lilly bathing suit. He keeps (mysteriously!) forgetting it every time we are near a pool.

    Baby steps!

  3. Hey! I just got that bathing suit in November! When was I supposed to wear it?

  4. You will have ample time in Amelia to prove your undying love for your Lilly bathing suit :)


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