Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Model face

All my friends know that I take great pride in being able to make an awesome sucked-in-cheeks model face. 

This woman is excellent model face inspiration.  Look at the charming way she's pushing her lips out to make them look all puffy and model-ish! 

On a slightly related note: I've heard a lot of brides say that once they got their dress, they had to stop looking at dresses because it made them question their own gown choice.  Well, I have the complete opposite problem.  I look at all these new wedding gowns and think, "Eww!  Thank God I'm not wearing that." 

Bridezilla moment, or I'm just an awesome, super decisive shopper?!

On another slightly related note, I've started saying "BRIDEzilla" every time I say something weird or demanding, i.e., "The car is too cold, turn on the heat."  Pause. "BRIDEzilla!!!"

Don't you wish we saw each other more in real life?


  1. YES! LOL, I can hear you saying this and I am cracking up!

  2. Bhah! My best-friends have nicknamed me "L-face" because apparently I can't even walk by a mirror without subconsciously puffing out my lips.

  3. Oh Bryner, I wish I saw you more in person, too!

    Laureen, that is so awesome. Model face show down at our next book club meeting?!


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