Monday, April 19, 2010

Truly amazing

I know people talk about this feeling a lot when it comes to wedding activities, but it was truly amazing to walk into a room on Saturday afternoon and see my fiance's sister, my dad's aunt, and a friend I've known since fourth grade all in the same space.

I had a lovely time chatting with people and eating cupcakes and opening a giant pile of presents.  Our apartment is busting at the seams.  All afternoon, while Peter and I were making space for the new treasures, I kept saying things like, "Oh my gosh, this is from [cousin, aunt, bridesmaid, ect.]...isn't is fantastic?!"

Looking at my kitchen counter or dining room shelves, I see all these people I love. I know it's cheesy to talk about a toaster this way, but it's true.

P.S. These are my maybe-weddings shoes -- I gave them a test drive this weekend.  They passed the comfort test, for sure.


  1. Oh my word, those shoes are A-DORABLE! I love them! Isn't your own bridal shower so fun? I am so happy you had a great time! :)

  2. yeah, adore the shoes as well!

  3. Bryn, you were so right -- I had an amazing time at the shower.

    Kate, thank you! I've been feeling like maybe they weren't fancy enough, No will see my feet anyway.

  4. I LOVE those shoes... they are Julie B... love them! They could turn into Julie T!

    So happy your shower was wonderful... glad that a little package arrived in time... just wish I could have delivered it in person.

    Cherish every moment of your favorite people all together... it is truly spectacular!

  5. Thank you, BBL! It's such a good reminder to really cherish this time -- it's going by fast, but it's so special.

  6. I am not big on feet, but those shoes are awesome!! :)

  7. Thanks, Sam! All these compliments on them are making me feel much better about the choice.


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