Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Space like a grown-up

(Un-functional office space)

Our apartment is now home to some beautiful new things, and I've been taking a critical eye toward the bones of our rooms -- the key pieces of furniture, colors and the overall feel.

I'm trying to think hard about what we want our space to do for us, how we could use it better, and what we might invest in for the present and future home we may live in.

Thinking about space like a grown up is hard!

Any suggestions, brilliant friends?!  What have you done to eliminate wasted space in tiny rentals?  How do you decide to make big purchases for your home?


  1. I am in the same boat! I think the important thing to prioritize in small rentals is storage, especially creative storage solutions.

    But as far as your room goes, I think it's nice to consider investing in lasting pieces but also have the flexibility to decorate with less-permanent options (i.e., paint, rugs, fun artwork, etc).

    I've also decided that, for every one thing that comes into my house, one thing has to go! It keeps clutter at bay and also makes you think long and hard about how much you really want that pillow, table, or vase.

  2. We've recently invested in a few big pieces for our home. We made our decisions based on quality and functionality. For example, we bought a media console that is currently housing our TV and related equipment, but it may be used as a china cabinet in the future. We also bought a hutch and added racks for wine glasses to make it even more useful.

    While we did just move from an apartment into a townhouse, we still have limited storage space. And it's true what they say. You will fill the space you have!
    Happy decorating!

  3. My advice to you is to buy a fluffy and comfy white couch.

    Every time I've seen you open a magazine or walk into a store with a white couch on display, you always exclaim "FUN!" Plus, I can't imagine walking into your grown up house one day and NOT finding a fun white couch. So even if you don't have the space, you should make some... for the couch!

  4. Ashley, I love the rule that when one thing comes, one thing must go. I've been doing that with books recently -- it's a great system.

    Emily, you are so right about finding versatile pieces! I usually look for items to fill a very specific need, but this sounds like a much smarter way to go.

    And Sam, that made me laugh. You're so right -- I LOVE fluffy white couches. And PS love that you reference a one day grown up house...so funny.

  5. I have been dealing with this too or rather I WISH I were dealing with it! I would like to get many parts of my apt in better shape, but since we are moving "soon" (ha) I don't want to buy any furniture. I have found that making little changes (decluttering the shelf above the sink and putting pretty mugs on it) makes a huge difference in making the space feel more grown up.

    I second the big fluffy white couch idea!

  6. Beth - I totally agree that getting rid of clutter and adding some organization can be a giant improvement. I have piles of things to give away and donate. Now I just need to actually do it!


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