Monday, August 2, 2010

A Wedding Story, Vol. 1

I was so lucky to be able to wear a veil for the ceremony that's been in Peter's family for over 100 years! I was the first bride of the fourth generation to get to wear it, and I was so thrilled that Peter's sweet family offered to lend it to me.

We decided to see each other ahead of time, and took all formal pictures before the ceremony. Peter and I met up behind the stables at the Mount and got to hug and kiss and say, "We're getting married today!" a lot before meeting our bridal party and families in the gardens.

Our ceremony was in a very sweet, simple New England church. I kept trying to sneak peaks at everyone in the pews while the ceremony was taking place. It was so crazy to look down into one aisle and see my best friends from high school, and then my godmother, and then Peter's cousins. All in the same spot. To see us get married!

Peter and I hung out in front of the church after the ceremony and got to hug so many of our wonderful guests. I was on such a high after our service. I kept turning to Peter in between greeting people to say, "I just loved getting married!"


  1. In a few words, the wedding was "perfectly Julie and Peter."


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