Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Wedding Story, Vol. 2

Our photographers snapped a photo of all flowers while they were still inside the delivery van!

Peter and I coming down those fabulous leopard stairs to head out to cocktail hour...

A view from the garden, looking up at everyone enjoying cocktails!

Peter and I took a little walk during cocktail hour to see the gardens. Last summer when we were looking at the Mount as a potential wedding spot, I remember being in those gardens and looking up at the house. It was so lovely, I knew that I wanted to have that experience on our wedding day. And we did!

Friends having fun drinks on the veranda.

Brazilian jazz trio humming along.

Right at the end of cocktail hour, my Dad made a toast to welcome everyone to the wedding, and to officially welcome Peter into our family.


  1. You look so gorgeous! Love the leopard staircase shot.

  2. Emily, that's so sweet! Thank you.

  3. congratulations!! You look beautiful and so happy!


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