Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Big eats

In the car on the way home, my family tried to recall everything we ate at the Big E. The massive list included:
  • Tempura mushrooms with horseradish dip
  • Giant dill pickle
  • Smoked salmon on a stick
  • Chocolate covered bacon
  • Giant baked potatoes
  • Bacon cheeseburger with honey glazed donut for bun (!!!)
  • Frozen chocolate covered banana
  • Deep fried cheesecake
  • Pork chop sandwich
  • Apple pie with cheddar cheese
  • Maple kettle corn popcorn

Lest you faint from the calorie consumption, bear in mind that there were six of us, and we mostly got one order of something and all had a bite. Still, kind of intense.

I also rode the ferris wheel, played skee ball, went on the giant swings and saw the smallest horse in the world (pictured above!). Everytime my sister touched the horse, it got an electric shock and would quiver all over. So funny.


  1. Oh, it was so fun! I'm eating maple kettle corn RIGHT NOW! Maple flavor = okay to eat at breakfast time.


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