Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Easy day trips from NYC

Peter and I haven't been in New York City for a full weekend since before our wedding. In the fall, we tend to stay in the city more, making it perfect for closeby day trips. Here are few on my list:

1. Greenbelt for a fun day of hiking (on Staten Island, I know, but I've heard good things!)
2. Drive out to Long Island's North Fork to visit some wineries and have a fun lunch.
3. Rent bikes on Governor's Island.
4. Take the ferry to Sandhook and spend a warm day at the beach.
5. Pack a picnic and head up to the Cloisters. This one is still in NYC, but it's far off the beaten path!

What are your favorite things to do near New York this time of year?


  1. The Cloisters was one of our "to-do's" before leaving New York. It was so secluded and quiet. Certainly made me forget we were still in the city.

  2. We actually went for the first time over the weekend! I felt like we took a mini-vacation to Spain/Italy/France. So, so lovely.

  3. Julie, I have to tell you...I can just hear you saying "fun lunch" and I love it! I'm so glad I know you :)

  4. Jess, that made me laugh! So excited to see you next weekend!!!


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