Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 for 30

I've been really inspired by the 30 for 30 challenge, mainly because it seems that everyone who I think looks super cool and stylish buys an awful lot from Target and Forever 21!

Now, I am huge fan of Target and occasionally pick up clothes there, but Forever 21? I had no idea it was so hip! And so cheap. I haven't been in one for years. Here are a few things I'm considering:

1. Preppy Merino Wool Cardigan 2. Chiffon Pleat Cardigan 3. Exaggerated Ruffle Cardigan 4. Loop Tuck Belt 5. Colorful Safari Scarf

P.S. I just started watching Glee I'm obsessed with Emma's style. Would she wear these? I think yes.

P.P.S. My new TV crush is Mr. Schue. Kind of lame that my TV crush resembles my husband?! Probably.


  1. I love the 30 for 30 too! Though it makes me want to buy lots and lots more clothes, which is so not the point of it at all...

  2. Beth, that's so funny -- when I was putting this together I thought, "I should really be shopping my own closet right now instead of pretend shopping!"

  3. Anyone who knows you could see the style overlap between you and Emma!

    The 30 for 30 idea is so smart. It actually makes me want to buy higher quality items so the 30 pieces don't show wear (that's my only concern about some of the items I've purchased from Target in the past--though it doesn't keep me from buying Target clothing often enough).

  4. Emma and I have one of the same necklaces, from Target too! You can borrow it so you can be Emma and Peter Will.

  5. Ashley, I totally feel you on this. I get sick of the constant cycling out that needs to be done with cheap, trendy things. It's wasteful, and actually a lot of work to keep the closet free of dingy, worn clothing.

    Sal, you know I never turn down borrowing things from you :)


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