Monday, November 15, 2010

A delightful reminder

I spend an inordinate about of time thinking about what's next. The next job, next vacation, next meal, but namely: next city.

And so, on a lazy Saturday afternoon around 4:00 o'clock, when Peter and I decided, yes, we will put our name in the hat for lottery tickets tonight, it was a delightful reminder that I am lucky indeed to live in a city where you can decide that four hours before the curtain rises.

Do I need to tell you that we won the lottery? When my name was called I yelped, Elle Woods style, "That's me!" But seriously, $25 for front row seats at West Side Story? It deserved a yelp (even though it was a little obnoxious for all those who didn't hear their names called...).

The show was lovely - fun and high energy and (bonus!) stars someone from my alma mater.

But it served a higher purpose, forcing me to live in the moment a bit longer than I'm naturally inclined to and appreciate New York and all the fabulous fun it has to offer.


  1. Sometimes I catch myself doing the same thing! I have to remember that I am in this place and situation for just a moment and I should stop to enjoy the unique opportunities it can bring. What a great thought for a Monday!

  2. Hooray for your luck, for your enthusiasm and for your wisdom! And hooray for Elon's star, Matt!

  3. Ashley, you are so right. It's something I need to keep working on!

    Thank you, Ann! I always get so excited for Elon alumni who are doing awesome things :)


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