Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving prep + menu

(New Yorker food issue is out! Best issue all year.)

I had a work holiday yesterday, so I was able to do Thanksgiving shopping at Fairway in the middle of the day. Amazing, I tell you. Blissfully empty aisles, save for one rambuntious family of four that seemed to be using the store as a playground of sorts, complete with cart races in the cookie section.

Here's the menu I'm working on:
Ahhhh I am so excited. What are you most excited to eat next week?! For me, hands down, it's pumpkin crunch. Oh, I love it so!


  1. I know I say this everytime you post about some amazing culinary feat, but your cooking skills really impress me!

    We are heading to Maine to spend the holiday with my extended basically I'm looking forward to anything and everything my grandmother makes (really, it's all that good!).

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Julie, your feast sounds great! Neal & I have yet to finalize our menu, but I am looking forward to an awesome potato dish we saw on Everyday Food last Saturday. Pumpkin Crunch sounds delicious! But I've never made it. My mom also swears by margarine when she makes her chex mix.

  3. Ashley, the cooking skills really aren't that great - it's mostly from a boatload of enthusiasm.

    Bryn, this is your year for pumpkin crunch. It's super easy to make; you will not be disappointed!!!

  4. Me either!!! I'm already curled up, eating pecan pie tartlets, watching the OC season one with you in my mind.


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