Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How to chose

(photos from the New York Times)

Peter and I are planning our little winter break trip, and we're having trouble deciding between delicious meat (!) and a fun art and music scene in Montreal, OR

Delicious seafood (!), fancy shopping and historical awesomeness in Boston.

I haven't been to either city in years, but remember loving them both. How to chose?! I know this is probably one of those "whatever we decide, it will feel like the right thing," kind of scenarios, but it never hurts to get some feedback. Any suggestions or recommendations, ladies?!


  1. I've never been to Montreal, but I hear it's lovely. I think it would be so great this time of year, especially. Have you ever been to Montreal? If not, I would say go to the place you haven't been yet.

    Either way, you can't lose with the two great cities you are deciding between!

  2. i vote Montreal! I have always wanted to go there!!!

  3. Oh, this is swaying me toward our friendly neighbors to the north! Thanks, ladies!

  4. I went to Montreal in 2008 when one of our clients was a sponsor of POP Montreal (annual city-wide music festival) and it was so awesome! Great music/arts scene and amazing food. You can take the train to Boston any time; go North!

    Let me know if you want any info about venues, etc. b/c I still get email updates and have a few contacts up there.

  5. I vote Canada... Montreal is a great city!!

    Boston is great too, but not the best place for touring in the winter. If you are heading north in the colder months, I say go big or stay home.

  6. Laureen, I would love to pick your brain a bit! You give good recs :)

    Sam, I LOVE your motto.

    Thanks for your help, friends! Off to Priceline...


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