Friday, December 17, 2010

Fantastic food themed ornaments

(Super cute food-themed ornaments from Sur La Table!)

Peter and I are off to Philadelphia tomorrow for not one but two fun holiday parties! I can't wait to see our friends and their pretty houses and cute puppies!!!  Got to get the peppermint bark going.  And figure out what to wear. Oooooh life's big issues...

Wishing you a very happy weekend, friends! Hope you have lots of cheese, a little gin, and one fantastic cupcake!


  1. I love the ornaments - especially the gin! Ha! Have fun in Philly!

  2. Sam, isn't the gin great?! I'm going to miss seeing you this weekend!

  3. i LOVE the cupcake one! and you might find out why at our party tomorrow night!!! SO excited to see you all... murphy and lilly are too! ps. cant wait to see what you decide to wear to our festive fancy party!!!

  4. The cupcake tree was so amazing!!! Though it had a hard time competing with the cookie decorating station...


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