Monday, December 20, 2010

Amada + Cake

We had an amazing time in Philadelphia this weekend with our sweet friends! We also ate at a couple of really fun spots I wanted to share.

The first is Amada, a really special tapas spot. Charcuterie, fancy olives, lamb meatballs, Parmesan artichokes: everything was fantastic. I love lots of little delicious bites (this plays into my desire to eat all day long...unlike those insane people that prefer three square meals). Amada totally delivers that kind of dining experience.

The second rec is Cake!  Great name, no?! Alas, I was there for brunch so no cake was consumed. The space is really neat though, and all the food was fantastic. I recommend cornbread and bacon. The bacon I didn't order, but I stared at my neighbors order very lovingly and really wished I had some...

Cake is attached to a florist and a super gift shop. I may have picked up some dark chocolate peppermint treats. They are supposed to be a gift, but can they survive in my house for the next few days untouched?!  I make no promises.


  1. I love that you visited two places I've never been, as a resident Philadelphian! Add those two to my list! Glad you had a wonderful time!

  2. I'm so excited for you to go to both of these spots! They have Ashley & Adam written all over them :)

  3. Ashley... we need to meet!!! Cake is wonderful.. a derek and brittany favorite on sundays for brunch! I just want to add a wine shop to that florist and it would be PERFECT! Glad you enjoyed a favorite of ours julie t!

  4. BBL, that reminds me...there actually is a florist/wine bar in Brooklyn! We'll have to go when you come visit!


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