Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pizza kick + The Cruise

Since finding the best-est gluten free baking mix there ever was, I've been on a major pizza kick!

The one pictured above has an artichoke/parsley/parm spread from Trader Joe's as the sauce (down with tomato sauce, ew!). I sliced some potatoes with a mandolin and boiled them until nearly done, then spread the potatoes, broccoli, rosemary and a bit of mozzarella on top.

Not to brag (I'm totally going to brag), but I noticed Peter eating his really slowly and I was like, "Are you full?!"  And he said, "No! I just don't want it to be over."  Mhmm.

While eating said delicious pizza, we watched a really kooky documentary called The Cruise. Has anyone seen this?! It's about a nutty tour guide on the Grey Line bus tour in NYC. I couldn't stop laughing through a lot of it, but also nodding along because some of the wackadoo things he said were so true!

There's a part where he talks about his relationship with the city, how it sometimes loves him, and he loves it and everything goes swimmingly. But there are times the city is all, "We are getting a divorce! No amount of couples therapy can fix this broken love!"  And NYC folks, haven't we all been there at one time or another?

Anyways, highly recommended, and of course, available on Netflix Instant!

PS A few quick pizza tips: I always get my pizza stone really hot a 475 degree oven for at least 15 mins before putting the dough on. Then I turn the oven down to 375 and cook just the dough for 10 minutes. Take that out, add toppings, and cook another 8 minutes. For the last 2-3 minutes, I turn on the broiler to get a little bit of that charred look you get from pizza shops. Took me years to figure out my system, so I thought I'd pass it along!


  1. Adam just got a pizza stone for Christmas so we are still novices to this whole pizza-making thing...perhaps this recipe will make an appearance in our kitchen soon. Sounds great!

  2. What a fun present! I got mine for Christmas last year. I know you CAN make pizza at home w/o one, but it's so much better w/ one!


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