Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Not mad at the snow anymore

(Photo taken in Germany by my fab sister-in-law Sammy)

On Saturday Peter and I spent a full day skiing in the sunshine. There was so much snow that we could easily go on glade trails, which usually scare me with the dirt and leaves poking through. 

At one point toward the end of the afternoon, we found ourselves alone on a thin, easily winding trail cocooned by trees that were covered with snow and ice. The sun was low in the sky casting a bright light, and it positively glistened in there. Peter turned back to me and said, "I'm not mad at the snow anymore!"

I couldn't agree more. But still. Thank goodness we finally made it to February. Can I get an amen?!


  1. Amen! I'm glad January and its cold weather are over!

  2. Since February is a special month, I'll echo your sentiment...is it spring yet!?

  3. Ann, I know! So happy that one is behind us now.

    Ashley, it IS a special month! Phil (the groundhog, of course) says it's coming soon, and I'd really like to believe him...

    Thanks, Sarah! You've been such an embrace-the-winter inspiration to me this year!


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