Friday, January 28, 2011

Strangers coming together

(Going skiing this weekend, yay! Maybe everyone on a stuck lift will burst into song?)

One of my deepest desires involves strangers coming together in song and/or dance during an annoying situation. 

Imagine being on a plane, delayed by a few hours already, and now you are stuck on the tarmac, and you just want to get home/to Mexico for your sunny beach vacation/to Toronto for your work presentation. You are deeply annoyed, and so is everyone around you. 

And then! Imagine if one spunky person started singing a song. During the holiday season, this could be something like Jingle Bells or Frosty the Snowman. And during the rest of the year? I'm very uncool about music, so I were to initiate it would probably be something like Stepping Out with my Baby (What, you don't know all the words to that?!). The point is, everyone miraculous knows all the words and loves the song, and everyone starts singing and/or dancing together! 

Wouldn't that be magical? I really want that to happen to me someday.

* * * 

Yesterday Peter and I were both off for a snow day, and we caught up on Season 7 of The Office. We've been long-time fans, but stopped watching this year when it didn't magically appear in a DVR line-up after we canceled our cable. Big mistake! This season is fresh and funny and filled with lots of music. 

And the season opening sequence was basically a version of my song and dance dream come to life. Enjoy, and happy Friday!


  1. Ha! Everything about this post made me smile...happy weekend!

  2. We all have funny dreams, right? Hope you had a wonderful visitors weekend!!!


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