Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pretty bad at it

It's a good thing I'm not sick very often, because it turns out I'm pretty bad at it. 

Exhibit A: 

  • Whenever I'm alone in the elevators at work, I sigh very dramatically (through my mouth since my nose is stuffed!) and then rest my head against the wall and close my eyes. I did this probably 10 times yesterday and today, until it dawned on me that there are probably security cameras in there, and some amazing team of security guys has been watching me do the old huff and lean in the elevator over and over again. 

Exhibit B: 

  • We did make our awesome dinner last night, and decided to do a bit of veal stock with those lovely left over bones. After it simmered away and then cooled, I put a strainer in the sink to catch all the gunk and leave me with my beautiful golden stock. I swiftly poured it all into the strainer and watched it all go down the drain. I failed to put a bowl under the strainer to catch the stock. 
Exhibit C: 
  • Someone at work very thoughtfully came by and gave me a Cherry Cordial Candy Kiss, which I promptly ate. But alas, it was disgusting and I almost had to spit it out. I am choosing to blame my illness not the candy though, because come on. I once ate an Easter marshmallow peep in October and declared it delicious. 

I promise, even if I'm not better tomorrow, I won't whine about my sad little cold anymore! 


  1. Complain all you want! Feel better!

  2. Oh no! At least you still got your awesome dinner -- veal stock or not. Feel better!

  3. i hope i didnt share my scratchy no voice with you! feel better!!!

  4. Thanks so much, ladies! Another day has passed, and I am MUCH better.


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