Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Boredom busting potholders

Last Saturday afternoon, I was oddly bored, which is kind of shameful to say as an urban dwelling adult. Only unintelligent losers get bored, right?! But it felt like one of those endless childhood summer afternoons, where in theory, there are dozens of things to do, but nothing sounds appealing. Read? Sure, I could read. Call a friend? Oh yes, that's an idea.

After a brisk walk around the neighborhood, I finally settled on making some new potholders. The fact that this was my antidote to boredom (and that it actually worked!) probably says something telling about me, but let's not dwell on that.

There's something extremely satisfying about making something because a need exists rather than a want. Of course, on the need vs. want scale, a potholder doesn't really compare with hand grinding cornmeal or insulating your house with mud, but you guys know what I mean, don't you?

I've had the same potholders for the last five years, and oh my goodness, have they seen better days. Using some fabric scraps from my first patchwork pillow, I cut out eight 2 inch squares and two 4 inch backs. Stitched together with some batting in between, and behold -- new potholders!


  1. Totally in awe of your sewing projects! I still haven't bought my sewing machine yet...what kind is yours?

    P.S. I had a funny image of you making mud for your hut didn't quite jive with the urban domestic gal that you are!

  2. I have this one:

    But these were hand sewn! I have to try out my machine SOON.

  3. Adorable pot holders!!! Such cute much nicer than you'd ever find in a store :)


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