Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things that look yummy

If you cook with some regularity, you know that inspiration and excitement come in waves. Some weeks, everything sounds amazing and you can't wait to head to the store. Other times, it's nearly impossible to get excited about cooking, especially for those fast, easy weeknight dinners.

To help beat this rut, I've started to keep a running list in a draft email called "things that look yummy." Anytime I see a recipe that looks good, I add it to the file. Bonus points are awarded (virtually, of course) to interesting looking salads and vegetarian fare, because I try to eat that way most weeknights.

Here's a little peak at my current yummy list:

What do you brilliant ladies do to get out of a cooking rut? Any tips or tricks for making it easier to get excited about cooking on a random Thursday night?


  1. Oh my, the mushroom, butternut and gruyere combination is making me hungry...and it's not even 10AM!

    P.S. Love the new blog header--so cute!

  2. Doesn't that tart look good?! I hope to try it as pizza toppings next week!

  3. I've been in a cooking rut lately. I tried the whole menu planning thing, but sometimes I'm just not in the mood to make what's in the refrigerator or pantry. Our challenge series helps, though, because it forces us to try new recipes and methods (at least once a month). I hope you try the pear pizza -- you will love it!

  4. Emily, in some weird way, it's comforting to me that even the culinary couple is susceptible cooking rut! Love your challenges - can't wait to read about the latest!


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