Friday, April 8, 2011

Golf + How to Steal Like an Artist

(via Life)

Crossing my fingers for a warm, sunny day in the Berkshires tomorrow. My golf bag is in the trunk, ready to be loved again! Or hated, actually, depending on how the game goes. (Just kidding, Peter! I'll be a good sport, as long as there are snacks.)

PS: I read How to Steal Like an Artist yesterday, written by the guy who creates these amazing black-out newsprint poems. Such fun advice, even if you're not an actual artist. Number 9 is my favorite -- boring people unite!


  1. those poems are so cool!

    hope you got some golf in?


  2. Aren't those great? People think up the neatest stuff!

    And yes, there was so golf! So nice to be outside in the sunshine again.

  3. Matt bought me a set of clubs two summers ago and I've only been out on the course a couple times, but I like it. Mostly because it's an outdoor activity outside that usually involves beer! :) Ha! But I'd like to get better at it because it seems like an activity one could enjoy for a lifetime.

  4. Melissa, those are basically my favorite things about the sport, too :) This is only my second year playing, so I'm still learning, but my family and Peter love it. I need a few more lessons so I can really keep up!


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