Monday, April 11, 2011

Start with a mildly complicated project

I spied the most adorable skirt on one of my favorite new blogs last week, followed swiftly by some spectacular advice on E Tells Tales about how to get started with a sewing project: 
Start with a mildly complicated project you love. If you start with something easy and useless, you'll hate yourself by the end and probably give up. If you want the finished result badly enough, you'll end up learning the process. And be prepared to make mistakes, completely ruin things, and cuss a lot.
This skirt seemed like a mildly complicated project I loved, so yesterday I went to the fabric store and found the darling Poplin print above (on sale for $6.49 a yard!). I made a deal with myself that I needed to use my sewing machine for this project. No telling myself about how people in the olden days sewed everything by hand, and surely I could, too.

There's nothing wrong with that approach, of course, but I've been avoiding my sewing machine for months for a completely silly reason. I was scared of it. 

Looking back, I realize how crazy that sounds. I've only used it for a few hours, but already I love my cute little sewing machine! It's quiet and seems pretty easy to use - at least, it should be, once I learn a bit more and can stop referring to the directions every few minutes.

I did have a little mishap this morning which took 10 minutes to sew and about an hour to undo, but so it goes when overcoming a fear to learn something new. I hope by tomorrow I'll have a cute little Flirt skirt to show you! 


  1. Look at you, facing your fears! The skirt you are making is going to be awesome, I can just tell. You will appreciate it so much more knowing that you "powered through" the difficulty.

    Please show us when you finish!

  2. I cannot wait to see your new skirt! And bravo for breaking out your sewing machine... like you I would have left it it in the box and just wished I could be a fabulous seamstress. I have so many hobbies I want to get into and sewing is definitely one of them!

  3. I am very impressed that you are going to sew your own skirt.

  4. i'm so proud! way to go you! it will be darling - and the skill of a machine to boot! CANNOT wait to see the finished product...

  5. Thanks so much, ladies! The skirt is finished - I'm wearing it right now! - but my photographer (Peter) left early this morning before I could snap a picture. I'll share soon!


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