Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mark Twain on his wife, Olivia

"I saw her first in the form of an ivory miniature in her brother Charley's stateroom in the steamer Quaker City in the Bay of Smyrna, in the summer of 1867, when she was in her twenty-second year. I saw her in the flesh for the first time in New York City in the following December. She was slender and beautiful and girlish - she was both girl and woman. She remained both girl and woman to the last day of her life. Under a grave and gentle exterior burned inextinguishable fires of sympathy, energy, devotion, enthusiasm and absolutely limitless affection."


  1. What lovely thoughts...wonder if my hubby could be half as eloquent?

  2. Isn't that the sweetest? I loved how he described her - sounds like someone I would love to be friends with.


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