Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't think I won't

My brain feels like pudding -- I seem to have gotten a late Spring cold. You all know how well I do when I'm sick! I will sneak into the vending machine room later this afternoon and perform Martha's detoxifying stretches. Don't think I won't!

Instead of a legit post, let's just admire the Lilly-fied caps my sister and her friend wore last Saturday at their graduation ceremony. Pretty awesome, right?! I need to graduate from something so I can copy this.


  1. Dude. These "detoxifying stretches" are all yoga moves, or variations of yoga moves. Which is to say that Martha is simply telling you to stay fit in order to boost your immunity...which isn't really anything new at all ;)

  2. SO creative! Feel better soon~

  3. Ha, Iris, of course nothing new, but still quite nice!

    Thanks so much, Lizzy!

  4. Those caps are adorable! So sorry that you are sick!


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