Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Custom of the Country

I can be a little gossipy at times, but I typically like to keep the drama quotient in my life near zero so I can float merrily along. A cup of coffee in bed, hosting friends for a little dinner, going out for ice cream in the evening. Maybe a little shopping, some chatting on the phone. Little ripples of activity with happy, easy-going types.

In books though, there is sometimes something irresistible about stepping into life with a main character who is a complete and total drama queen, brat-head cuckoo. Readers, meet Undine Spragg, the leading lady in Edith Wharton's charming book The Custom of the Country. She is selfish and conniving and utterly vain, but I love her. I do! I think you will, too.

Further incentive? It's free on Kindle!


  1. thanks for the tip. i'm downloading it now!

  2. You're welcome, Sharon! Hope you like it as much I do!


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